Design studio for visual trends and
computer-generated images.

Selected Projects

»Ukiyo-AI« is a visual exploration of generating Japanese Ukiyo-e inspired still-life scenes with the help of machine learning tools.

fakenewstudio ukiyo ai 02 thumb
fakenewstudio x danny ivan synthetic fossils 07 thumb

»Synthetic Fossils« is a visual thought experiment on how generations might study prior civilizations’ physical and digital evidence in the distant future. Inspired by how artifacts of our time will be perceived centuries from now, fakenew studio and Danny Ivan started a collaboration project to find possible answers to this question.

»Soft Bodies« is a glimpse into a moment of an ever-changing system. A split second of colors merging and dissolving into each other.

fakenewstudio softbodies 02 thumb
fakenewstudio adaptive kicks 02 thumb

»Adaptive Kicks« is a visual exploration in generative product creation. The goal was finding appealing sneaker designs through the use of manufactured generative design tools.

»Digital Spirit« is a series on capturing physical spaces in Japan and Korea, seeking to intensify their colorful essence digitally.

fakenewstudio digital spirits 01 thumb
fakenewstudio lacquerwaves 01 thumb

»Lacquer Waves« is a design exploration bridging the aesthetics of traditional Japanese Urushi craftsmanship with a rule-based design resulting in procedurally generated visuals of electronic musical instruments.

»Hyperpigmentation« is a series of stills, remixing photographs of bacterial color bands around geothermal hot springs.

fakenewstudio hyperpigmentation 01 thumb
fakenewstudio macroscopic superpositions 01 thumb

»Applying the superposition principle to a quantum mechanical particle, the configurations of the particle are all positions, so the superpositions form a complex wave in space.«

About us

»futuristic fakes and artificial imagery«

fakenew Studio is a design studio and research institute for visual trends and computer-generated images. Working in various fields of technology fakenew Studio creates intriguing worlds and manufactured imagery for all audiovisual mediums. Our focus and specialization lies on design & content creation in the field of animation, print & interactive experiences.

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